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Cristina Cartagena

I worked with Kristy for about 6 months and her program dramatically changed my eating habits. I had three goals: 1. Loose 15 pounds, 2. Learn how to eat to maintain weight loss and 3. Improve my relationship with food. I can proudly say, I met all three of my goals and Kristy exceeded my expectations. Kristy begins by analyzing your current eating habits and food preferences. She then slowly introduces new recipes, cooking techniques, smart shopping, natural supplements, vitamins and an overall approach to eating clean.  After every session, I gained knowledge about food and nutrition. I wanted to have guidelines but not be overwhelmed with rules and restrictions. I never felt like I was sacrificing my life style or on a “diet". Kristy taught me to make better food choices in all situations and understand how my body reacts to certain foods. I no longer reward myself with food or eat to comfort myself. I now fuel and nourish myself with a balanced and satisfying diet. My skin is clear, I sleep more consistently and I overall feel better. I 100% recommend Kristy Rao!

Cristina CartagenaCommunications Coordinator, Bottega Veneta
Merin Rogers

"Kristy is an incredible health coach. She is a wealth of information and creative ideas, and truly takes the time to develop a customized approach for all of her clients. She is patient and flexible with meeting times, and working with her was such a pleasure from start to finish."

Merin RogersExecutive Editor, New York Observer
Dr. Dean Ornish

"Kristy's program will undoubtedly facilitate healthy change in your life."

Dr. Dean OrnishPhysician and Researcher

Hi, I’m Kristy Rao.

I’m a functional medicine nutritionist and holistic health coach. By taking a detailed history from each of my clients, I identify the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that are influencing their health. I look at how all areas of their lives are connected in order to not only offer nutritional advice, but also guide them in creating sustainable lifestyle habits that will yield to physical and psychological balance.

Do you have a complex health issue that you are trying to figure out? Are you on a constant roller-coaster ride with your weight? Then, you have come to the right place. 

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